Vision Statement

HAAAA’s vision statement is: To develop a network and sense of community among Harvard Asian American alumni -- including both Asian- and American-born Asians -- to improve self-awareness of their Asian heritage, provide an outlet for the expression of their common culture, and promote cohesion of the group both within and without the University.


HAAAA’s stated mission is: To promote, expand, and maintain a network of Harvard Asian American alumni; To improve the understanding of our common heritage and culture as Asian Americans, and thereby improve political and social cohesion within the group; To enhance the visibility and promote the advancement of Harvard Asian American alumni in the broader Asian American, Asian, and American communities; To develop a sense of community among alumni, faculty, staff, students, and Asian Americans; To encourage alumni involvement in University affairs that affect Asian American communities within the University; To increase alumni participation with and investment in undergraduate and graduate Asian American student communities; To assist the University in recruitment and retention of Asian American candidates for undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as faculty and administrative positions. Please note that “Asian American” is broadly defined here, encompassing all people of Asian descent with any American life experience. This ipso facto includes any Harvard University alumni or staff, such as Asians who came to Harvard for school but have returned to Asia upon graduation.


Membership is open to all alumni/ae, faculty, and employees of Harvard University (including Harvard College, Radcliffe College, and all Harvard graduate and professional schools). Members share an interest in furthering the goals of HAAAA, as listed above. Annual dues may be required to cover operating costs. The dues schedule is currently set at: $25 for Full Members (with voting privileges), $10 for Associate Members (without voting privileges), FREE for Friends (limited access).


The officers of HAAAA will be elected every two years from among the membership. The Executive Committee comprises the Founding President, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee, ex officio, and non-titled officers, up to a total of 9 directors. In order to best serve the membership, it is strongly preferred that all officers be broadly experienced in all of the following areas: within the University, in the professional world outside the University, and in the Asian American community.

Relationship with Harvard University

HAAAA plans to establish an interaction with existing Asian American communities at the University, including but not necessarily limited to: AAA (Asian American Association), CSA (Chinese Students Association), TCS (Taiwanese Cultural Society), HKS (Hong Kong Society), JS (Japan Society), and KA (Korean Association). HAAAA hopes to provide a professional and social network for new graduates from those communities to enter immediately upon commencement. Further interactions may include mentoring programs, recruiting programs, or joint social events.

Contact Information


175 E 96th St Apt 30M

New York, NY 10128