Get Involved


HAAAA is first and foremost about community.  The best thing you can do as a new member is to attend events regularly, and invite your friends to join too!  It would also be great if you could participate in discussions and contribute to the newsletters.

If you find you would like to be even more actively involved, that is fantastic!  There are currently three ways to help out further:

1.  Join a committee.

The committees are global groups each focusing on one specific goal of HAAAA.  There are currently 15 committees organized into 4 committee groups.  To join a committee, follow this three-step process:

A.  Read about the individual committees and choose one (or several!) that interests you.  The committees are described here.

B.  Look up the Committee Chair and contact them expressing your interest.

By Facebook:

By the website:

C.  Wait for approval and if accepted participate in committee discussions and work!

2.  Start a new chapter.

If you live in a city/region where there is no active HAAAA chapter, you are highly encouraged to start one!  If there are enough people already interested, you can become the Chapter Head.  If you still need help recruiting more members, you can start as a Regional Representative.

3.  Suggest or organize an event for an existing chapter.

If you live in a city/region where there is already an active HAAAA chapter, you can get involved with local events by contacting the Chapter Head and discussing your ideas.  You can locate and contact the Chapter Heads here:

By Facebook:

By website: