To develop and sustain a growing network of Harvard Asian American alumni

To foster a sense of community and support among Asian American alumni, students, faculty, and staff 

To encourage involvement by Asian American alumni in University affairs

To advocate on issues that affect Asian American communities within the University

To enhance the visibility of and promote the advancement of Harvard Asian American alumni within the University and beyond

To provide a forum for exploring our common culture and shared experience

To support the University in the recruitment and retention of Asian American students, faculty and staff

(Please note that “Asian American” is broadly defined here, encompassing all people of Asian descent with any American life experience.)


Membership is open to all alumni/ae, faculty, and employees of all schools and institutes of Harvard University. Members share an interest in furthering the goals of HAAAA, as listed above. Only dues-paying alumni may vote and hold office. The annual dues schedule is currently set at: $25 for Supporting Membership (with voting privileges), $10 for Recent Graduates, FREE for Basic Membership (non-voting). 


The officers of HAAAA will be elected every two years from among the membership. The Executive Committee comprises the Founding President, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee, ex officio, and non-titled officers, up to a total of 9 directors. In order to best serve the membership, it is strongly preferred that all officers be broadly experienced in all of the following areas: within the University, in the professional world outside the University, and in the Asian American community.

Relationship with Harvard University

HAAAA is an official Shared Interest Group of the Harvard Alumni Association. 

Contact Information


175 E 96th St Apt 30M

New York, NY 10128