Dear H4A Friends, 

More than ever, it is critical that we choose leaders who are committed to making Harvard more diverse, inclusive, equitable and just. H4A has joined with 12 other alum groups in endorsing candidates in the Overseers and Elected Directors elections who we believe will most powerfully work toward those goals and who support issues, such as Ethnic Studies and faculty diversity, that are important to Harvard's Asian American community. The endorsed candidates include our longtime active members David Eun, running for Overseer, and Joyce Yan Zhang, running for Elected Director. It is important to vote for  ALL the endorsed candidates, listed below (voting by paper or electronic ballot begins July 1): 

Endorsed For Overseer:
Diego A. Rodriguez* MBA ’01
David H. Eun* AB ’89, JD ’93
Raphael William Bostic AB ’87
Tracy K. Smith AB ’94
Thea Sebastian AB ’08, JD ’16

Endorsed For Director:
Kelsey Trey Leonard AB ‘10
Joyce Y. Zhang* AB ‘09
Mallika J. Marshall*  AB ‘92
Vanessa Zoltan* ​​​​​​MDiv ’15
Santiago Creuheras* ALM ’00, ALM ’01
Michael D. Lewis* AB ’93

Please forward these endorsements to your friends and classmates; on socia media, hare this endorsement PAGE, this FB POST and/or this TWEET

Learn more about the endorsed candidates HERE and read their answers to the Diversity Questionnaire, which we co-sponsor annually, HERE. Watch the fantastic and inspiring virtual discussion that we co-sponsored with the endorsed Overseer candidates HERE.   

These endorsements were made by the Coalition for a Diverse Harvard and co-endorsed by: First Generation Harvard Alumni, Harvard Alumni for Oceania, Harvard Arab Alumni Association, Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance, Harvard Black Alumni Society, Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus, Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance, Harvard Progressive Jewish Alumni, Harvard South Asian Alumni Alliance, Harvard Tamil Sangam Alumni, Harvard Women of Color, and Native American Alumni of Harvard University.

Stay well and safe, 
The H4A Leadership