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August 9, 2020 at 4:00 PM (Eastern)



Among the most intractable racial disparities exacerbated by the pandemic are those in education, as experienced by students in Kindergarten through college. How are the schooling disruptions affecting different communities? Who will recover quickly, and who won't? How are public and private colleges, including Harvard, meeting their students' needs? How will current social conditions and movements affect affirmative action, desegregation and other education-related litigation and policies?


JOHN B. KING JR. '96 ('95), Harvard Overseer, Secretary of Education in the Obama cabinet, and president of The Education Trust, which seeks to identify and close opportunity and achievement gaps, addressing K-12.

VIVIAN LOUIE '88, professor of Urban Policy and Planning and director of the Asian American Studies Center at Hunter College, examining effects on colleges.

MICHAELE TURNAGE YOUNG HLS '06, NAACP LDF lawyer representing the Harvard student and alumni amici in the admissions lawsuit, speaking about the outlook for education-related litigation and legislation.

DANIEL LOBO ‘14, President of First Generation Harvard Alumni and founder of the First Generation Student Union. Dan runs the FGHA mentorship program for FGLI students and is an Assistant Director with Harvard’s Office of Career Services.

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