The H4A Nominating Committee is happy to announce the five new and reelected members who will join the H4A Board of Directors for the 2021-22 term. They were chosen by a vote of the membership from a field of a dozen candidates. All twelve nominees were stellar, representing diverse skills, Harvard affiliations and regions of the country. Please welcome to the Board: 

Jeannie Park (AB '83)

Current H4A President & an active leader in the organization since 2009. She lives in New York City. Jeannie's vision:

I hope to leave H4A with a stronger infrastructure of both people and policies so that the organization remains able to hold this broad scope of work and to make us more diverse across the many dimensions that we represent. I also hope to continue to build a powerful voice for us at Harvard on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, to help ensure that future students have the richest possible education and graduate even better prepared than we were to engage with the growing challenges of our world.

Athena Lao (AB '12)

Current VP, former H4A Secretary, Co-Chair 2018 Global Summit, Board Member since 2017. She lives in New York City. Athena's vision:

I want H4A to both reflect the diversity of our membership and realize its tremendous potential to unite and organize on our behalf. My organizing vision centers on three tenets: Community, Causes, and Connections. 

Community: to increase ethnic and school diversity within H4A

Causes: We must continue advocating for and disseminating information around matters that impact Harvard’s Asian American alumni, students, and faculty.

Connections: Our members should feel inspired by each other and know that, if they reach out for support from their fellow alumni, they will receive it


Alex Lee (AB '06, AM '06)

New York City Chapter Co-President; current Board Member; leadership roles in H4A since 2010. He lives in New York City.  Alex's vision:

One of the major initiatives I am looking forward to developing over the next term is that of a professional mentorship program. As much of our membership is many years out from school today, I’ve heard a lot of interest from those who are always looking for a bit more guidance and advice as to what path to take next. We don’t often ask for this type of help, but for anyone who has been working for 5, 10, 15 years, it becomes pretty clear that you can only achieve your goals when you have support along the way. It’s my hope that this type of program will expand people’s perspectives and give them another reason for being part of H4A.


Darshak Sanghavi (AB '92)

Panelist and volunteer in H4A Summits. He lives in Boston. Darshak's vision:

I'm really excited to potentially serve on the board of H4A. Especially passionate about disparities in health care and bringing equity to health policy. I'm deeply committed to mentorship and networking for the H4A community and continuing to advocate for inclusion, diversity, and fairness in healthcare and beyond. 

Yuhsien Wu (EdM '15)

DC Chapter President; Boston Mentorship Program Chair; active volunteer since 2014. She lives in Washington DC.  Yuhsien's vision:

I hope to use my experience with the DC chapter to create shareable programs to support local chapters. I also hope to use my experience creating Spot Light, a speaker series that aims to bring different alumni groups together, to serve the larger whole. I hope to create more joint events either within the H4A platform or with other schools’ alumni associations with the goal to

share our voices and gain new knowledge, as sharing is a powerful way to build networks and

create positive influence.

These five board members will join Eric Lin, Wendy Hanamura, Mukesh Prasad, and Lange Luntao in serving the Harvard Asian American Alumni community in 2021.


Thank you for your participation in nominating, thoughtfully considering and voting for the leadership of the H4A.