In addition to its new Board Members, H4A is pleased to announce the following updates to the management team.

First, the Board of Directors approved the following slate for the H4A Executive Committee, with a 2-year term starting January 2024:

  • President: Athena Lao (AB '12)
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Jenny Korn (MPP '98), Alex Lee (AB '06, SM '06)
  • Secretary: Eva Camp (AB '89)
  • Treasurer: Eugene Shen (AB '93)

Second, H4A is pleased to announce the following:

  • Timothy Parent (AB '09), based in Washington, will serve as our new Communications Coordinator (overseeing newsletter, website, and social media).
  • James Kim (ALB '18) will succeed Alex Lee (AB ‘06, SM ‘06)  as the new NYC Co-Chair, joining Eric Lin (AB ‘09).

Finally, H4A extends deep gratitude to the following alumni who are stepping down from their current positions:

  • Wendy Hanamura (AB '83) - for her leadership as a Board Member (2 terms) and as the 2023 Global Summit Program Chair.
  • Alex Lee (AB '06, SM '06) - for his long-time leadership of the NYC chapter. As noted above, he will serve as Co-VP starting 2024.
  • Lange Luntao (AB '12) - for his leadership as both a Board Member (2 terms) and as Secretary.
  • Darshak Sanghavi (AB '92) - for his leadership as Boston Co-Chair for the past 2 years. He'll continue on in his role as Board Member.
  • Peter Shimamoto (JD '85) - for his leadership as Vice President for the past 2 years. He'll continue his leadership as SoCal Co-Chair.
  • Shwe Win (College '25) - for her great work over the past two years as our first Communications Coordinator.
  • William Yao (AB '21) - for his leadership as Webmaster this past year.